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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Overisel Lumber Open?

Please visit our individual lumber yard pages, as normal business hours are listed on each page. Overisel is currently closed on Sundays.FAQ Dice

Douglas Overisel
Holland Overisel
South Haven Overisel
Overisel Kitchen and Bath Center

You can also find a map, driving directions and more on these pages.

Does free delivery always apply?

Please check out our Decadent Delivery page for details on our delivery policy.

Do you have in-house estimating?

Yes. All of our estimating is done at each location, and there is no charge for any estimating. All estimating on decks, pole buildings, sheds, and garages is generally completed in one business day.

Confused figure with question marksHow is All Precision Sharpening (APS) Connected to Overisel Lumber?

All Precision Sharpening is a separate company that simply shares a building with our Holland location. If you have questions, please contact APS at 616.396-3649.

What grades of lumber do you carry?

Our first priority is that our lumber is high quality. While we always have premium grade studs, plywood, decking, and other dimensional lumber; grades on hand can vary at any given time based on the performance of the national lumber market and where we can get the best buys in order to keep prices fair for our customers. Please contact your local yard if you have specific questions and we will be happy to tell you exactly what is on hand. 

Do you carry lumber I can use to ship overseas?

Yes. In order to ship across our country’s boarder lumber and plywood crating must be Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT). All of our stock non-treated lumber and construction grade plywood has a KDAT stamp, and we supply many manufacturers with lumber used to ship overseas.