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LumberyardA board is a board…correct? Absolutely not! There are many grades of lumber, and we can help you determine which grade is best for your project. 

We carry beautiful hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry, and walnut; and can find exotic woods, should your project require them. We know wood, and would be delighted to share our knowledge with you.

As members of a national buying association, we purchase lumber at very competitive prices. This ensures that our customers get excellent prices too.

Stack of LumberWhy Overisel Lumber?

  • Initial quality cuts reduces waste and saves you money
  • Free delivery for orders over $200
  • Lumber is stored protected from the elements for quality assurance
  • Large selection on-hand
  • Quick turn around. Call in your order, and we will have it waiting for you
  • Experienced staff, always at your service

Lumber Grades On Hand

  • Priority number one is that our lumber is high quality
  • While we always have premium grade studs, plywood, decking, and other dimensional lumber, grades on hand can vary at any given time based on the performance of the national lumber market and where we can get the best buys in order to keep prices fair for our customers 
  • Please contact your local yard if you have specific questions and we will be happy tell you exactly what is currently in stock

Lumber to Ship Overseas

  • In order to ship across our country’s boarder lumber and plywood crating must be Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT)
  • All of our stock non-treated lumber and construction grade plywood has a KDAT stamp. Overisel Lumber supplies many manufacturers with lumber used to ship overseas


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