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Pneumatic Tools

Do you need more power for your projects? Pneumatic tools are powerful and lightweight. Overisel Lumber carries many pneumatic tools for any project.Overisel Lumber | Pneumatic Tools

  • Nailer
  • Stapler
  • Framing Gun
  • Trim Gun
  • Roofing Gun
  • and more

Keep Your Air Tools Lubricated

It is very important that a pneumatic tool be properly lubricated by keeping the air line lubricator filled and correctly adjusted. Without proper lubrication the tool will not work properly and parts will wear out prematurely. Make sure to use the proper lubricant in the air line lubricator. The lubricator should be of low air flow or changing air flow type, and should be kept filled to the correct level. Use only dealer recommended lubricants. Substitutes may harm the rubber compounds in the tools O-rings and other rubber parts. If a filter/regulator/lubricator is not installed on the air system, air operated tools should be lubricated at least once a day with 6 to 20 drops of oil, depending on the work environment, directly through the male fitting in the tool housing. Most minor problems can be airgun on a counterresolved quickly and easily using your owners manual. If problems persist, contact your dealer for assistance.

Keep Your Tools Clean

Like oiling, being told to keep pneumatic tools clean seems obvious. Yet tool manufacturers often see pneumatic tools that have failed due to dirt buildup and water-caused corrosion. In many cases, cleaning is a simple matter of wiping grime and moisture off the tool as needed. However, if an air wrench falls into a puddle, don’t just wipe it off and keep working. Instead, take steps to ensure that the inside is properly dried and relubricated, as directed by the service manual. Make sure that pneumatic tools are regularly stored in clean, dry containers. Protect them from moisture and shopfloor dirt, especially when not in use.

The Bottom Line

Take care of your air tools, and they will take care of business for you. Whether you are a builder, a foreman, or a general manager, this is the most important truth about the proper care and maintenance of pneumatic tools.

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