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interior french doorsNew doors for your home whether exterior doors to welcome your guest and keep the cold air out, to interior doors used for privacy. Overisel Lumber has the products and expertise you need for your project. Stop by to see and talk to one of our associates about your doors.

For more information on a specific type of trim or moulding please click on one of the links below.

You can find a wide array of trim and mouldings to add a bit of style to your new or existing doors. We have many samples of different products and materials at all of our locations, so stop in and see any of our experienced employees for more information on you new door projects.


door with bad sealHow do I know if I need a new door, or just fix the old one?

Drafts are one sign that a door's seal needs to be fixed or replaced. When the seals around a door age, they can shrink and crack allowing drafts to come through your home.

If you see visible cracks in your door, start looking for a replacement. Cracks allow in bugs and drafts, and they mean that the old door is structurally weak, which could poses a safety concern for your family.

Do you have scrapes along the floor where your door opens or closes? Old doors can warp or sag, causing damage to your floor every time you use the door which if unattended for very long may cause you to have to replace the door.

Custom Exterior DoorSqueaky hinges are annoying. Maintenance and oiling can go a long way. Hinges that are wearing down indicate that the door itself may not be that far behind. Loose hinges mean that your door can be easily forced open, make sure to tighten any loose screws, or replace any hinges that may be going bad.

If you are seeing an excess amount of ants or other pests inside, they may be walking in right through your front door! A door that doesn’t close properly can let in insects that damage or bring germs into your home.

Whether it is your front door, back door or patio door, wear can be detrimental. While drafts and cracks can raise the power bill, structural damage or warping can compromise the safety of your home. If you need to replace an old lock or you need an entirely new door, we can help!


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